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At least we knew it was Anthony Weiner tweeting, right?


There will probably never come a day that we aren't reminded of former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner when we think about politicians using Twitter. And for that, I am grateful.

A story in The Hill today looks at how ambiguous lawmakers in Congress are about divulging whether they themselves are tweeting or if it's a lowly intern or some other sad sack in their office.

Only 14 members of the House and 12 senators include a line in their bios that indicate whether a tweet is written by the lawmaker or a member of his or her staff. Those numbers include two accounts that put “press” in their Twitter account name and five that credit the account to “the office of” the lawmaker.

A social media expert is quoted in the article saying Twitter is "often squandered by using it as a PR tool" rather than as a way for more direct communication between politicians and constituents.

...As if people really want to talk with their representatives over Twitter. We've all learned it's not the smartest way to communicate.

[The Hill]

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