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A 'deep-fried storm' cometh...


We love it when a left-wing smear campaign backfires. And when the Left implodes, it does so in a pretty memorable way. Nothing illustrates this essential truth better than leftists' failed attempt to boycott Chick-fil-A and muscle conservatives into silence with Chicago-style thuggery.

They intended to squash free speech while at the same time manufacture a controversy they believed would help President Obama's re-election campaign. What they ended up doing was hand the chicken eatery its greatest advertising campaign to date and propel Dan Cathy and the rest of Chick-fil-A's management to modern-day folk-hero status. Keep up the good work, progressives!

In the spirit of the moment, Glenn Beck and his team at Mercury Radio Arts thought a T-shirt was in order. The message on the front simply relays the fact that Americans prefer Chick-fil-A values over Chicago skullduggery. It reads: "A DEEP-FRIED STORM IS COMING, MR. OBAMA."

According to, the shirts are available for pre-order here and are expected to ship on or around August 20, 2012.

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