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Beck to Listeners: 'Push Back' Against Viral Chick-fil-A Picture Claiming Christians Don't Feed the Poor Enough


"Do everything you can to send this [article] to as many people as you can."

Earlier today, TheBlaze brought you a viral image that's been making its way around social media. The picture and its accompanying text essentially allege that American Christians fail to adequately feed and equip the poor. Glenn Beck responded this morning on his radio show, dispelling the message in the picture and urging others to do the same.

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"I want you to push back," Beck told his listeners, going on to promote a Blaze article that dispels the myth that Christians aren't acting to help the downtrodden. "Do everything you can to send this [article] to as many people as you can."

Here's more from TheBlaze's earlier analysis:

While it’s not immediately clear where the image originated, the aforementioned quote makes a plethora of assumptions — the first of which is that Bible-believing Christians are not overtly involved in feeding the poor and helping those in need. But reality paints a very different picture.

Just days before the Chick-fil-A controversy hit a fever-pitch, Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” brought tens of thousands of Americans — many of them Christians — to Dallas, Texas, to worship, serve and restore. Through the “Day of Service,” these individuals rebuilt homes, renovated churches, fed the poor and engaged in other activities that “Jesus actually said to do.”

The popular radio and television host continued, highlighting TheBlaze's coverage of "Restoring Love," while mentioning the importance of spreading the message that Christians have, indeed, been active.

"Do everything you can to send this to as many people as you can, because they say we don't do anything," he said. "Well, they're wrong. And this is the time when you can grab their attention. This is the time where you can prove them wrong."

Beck encouraged readers to Facebook, tweet and share TheBlaze's analysis. Watch him discuss the issue, below:

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