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Obama Asks Americans to 'Sign His Birthday Card' & Guess What You Get to Do in Return?



Barack Obama will turn 51 years old on August 4th, 2012.  The President's campaign is not missing the opportunity to let Americans know this.  On many social, news and online media sites one will find peculiar ads declaring "Happy Birthday Barrack" and asking you to "Sign the Card."  Here is what you get when you sign the card.

A simple click through takes you to a landing page that asks for some personal information in order to "Join Michelle" in  celebrating the day of our Presidents birth.  The card features an antiquated picture of the President and his then elementary school aged children, singing to him on what appears to be his 43rd birthday, as designated by the big 43 on the cake.

Why use a seven year old picture of your family for your Birthday card?  We suppose that's a question for the campaign to answer.  But after you click the "Sign the Card" button one is directed immediately to a donation page, with your information already filled in for you!

This is where the Birthday festivities end.  The site issues no thanks for the signing of the "Birthday Card" but does politely list your name as a contributor and enter your zip code for you. The President will take Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express for his Birthday.  Oh, and they would like to also know where you work.


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