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Vandals Graffiti Calif. Man's House 4 Times in 6 Months...And Now the City Might Fine the Owner for It


“I don’t know what I hate the most, those guys that do it or the [city council] members"

Javier Rios faces fines by the city after his home was vandalized. (Photo: CBS13)

A California homeowner is fed up with the city of Sacramento after he was told he could be fined because his home was vandalized.

“I don’t know what I hate the most, those guys that do it or the [city council] members," he said in frustration.

Javier Rios has had his home vandalized four times in the last six months, according to CBS13, and on each occasion it takes time and money to clean it up.

Now, rather than doubling-down on apprehending the criminals, the city council is saying Rios could be fined $373 "in addition to other related fees" if his property isn't completely restored ten working days after the attack.

Not only that, the official letter also says "a lien may also be placed against the property for failure to pay all removal costs."

Watch his interview with CBS13, below:

Rios says he sometimes sits in his car overnight in an effort to catch the vandals, because he feels no one else will.

"On top of that they punish me [with fines]," he said in exasperation.

But the city maintains that graffiti only attracts more gang activity and vandalism, and that's why it needs to be removed immediately.

Rios clearly wasn't sold on the council's approach, likely thinking the city should invest its resources in arresting the criminals rather than fining the victims.

“Something’s gotta be done,” he said.


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