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Al Sharpton: New ID laws are 'modern-day poll taxes, literacy tests


In the Los Angeles Times today, MSNBC's Al Sharpton writes on states crafting new voting laws:

"Across the country, states have passed or have proposed new rules for voting, such as photo ID requirements and restrictions in early and absentee voting. The laws are new, but to many of us they're just the same old tricks. I remember when tactics like these were called Jim Crow. ...

"Every American 18 or older has the right to vote. Poor Americans, black Americans, Americans who live in rural areas, Americans of every background. For decades we have recognized this truth, making it easier to vote, expanding options for casting ballots and improving access to registration. These new ID laws take us backward; they truly are nothing more than modern-day poll taxes and literacy tests."

[Los Angeles Times]

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