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President Woos Donors in New Email by Offering...Court Time With 'Micheal Freaking Jordan


"Just give $3 or whatever you can today..."

Team Obama has thought up another celebrity fundraiser and this one might also overlap with the First Lady's fitness program.   In an email to supporters -- oddly titled "Micheal Freaking Jordan" -- the President offers a select group of donors a chance to play ball with some NBA greats. The message of the email is clear: Donate, even if you don't like basketball.  The solicitation urges supporters to give and think of bringing a friend of loved one "who's got game."

The email ends by asking you to think about the children who would love to do this as well.

This solicitation is one of the first since the new monthly fundraising numbers came out showing Romney out-raising Obama for the third straight month.

A copy of the fundraising letter is below:


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