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Cher on Planned Parenthood Cuts: 'FU** THESE OLD WHITE MEN Who Couldn’t Get Laid\


"May [God] take my voice when I don't stand up against injustice!"

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Not for the first time, legendary singer/actress Cher took to Twitter to vent her frustrations about Republicans, whom she describes as "OLD WHITE MEN who couldn't get laid."

Presumably discussing the proposed funding cuts for Planned Parenthood, Cher essentially tweeted a paragraph, arbitrarily divided where her character limit ended:

"I don't care what any1 thinks!I hate these Republicans who r making women have babies even in cases of RAPE & INCEST!Contraception is"

"Illegal!NO PLANNED PARENTHOOD ! Many poorer women depend on this organization COMPLETELY ! No screening for Breast, vaginal, Ovarian Cancer!"

"No prenatal care For women who can't afford 2care of themselvesc& their babies & theres more ! FU*K THESE OLD WHITE MEN who couldn't get laid"

Quite a rant and, as WeaselZippers put it, "classy."

Twitchy took the time to debunk a few of Cher's wild theories, writing:

Illegal! Sadly, tweeting while intelligence-deficient is not. Not only is the sky a different color in Cher’s world, but contraception is illegal! People must be jailed when cruising down the condoms aisle at CVS pharmacy. Planned Parenthood also does not exist. Apparently, if the government ceases to fund things with taxpayer money, it will no longer exist at all. Of course: No one built that. Only the government did.


But that wasn't all Cher said.  She continued:

"[FU*K THESE OLD WHITE MEN] WITH A FISTFUL OF HUNDREDS!  Women r the custodians of their BODIES!I guarantee if these old geezers gave birth there'd b contraception"

"Machines every 50 ft! &They'd be Cry"I was Raped !U can't expect me 2 have the Baby"yes M----------r we Can!Your father is the father 2 Bad"

"I no ur going 2say oh Cher another Rant!Yes it is! & may god take my voice when I don't stand up against injustice!4 All who cant HELP Them"  [Emphasis added]

And if that didn't make any sense to you, Twitchy provided a few pointed questions:

Oh, really, Cher? Like the babies? Innocent lives who cannot speak for themselves … and who never can. Because their very lives were snuffed out before they even took their first breaths ... How about that injustice?

Cher ended by saying she is worried that women are being "Kicked 2 Curb," and saying she really does love to laugh, but "gets pissed" when she sees "ppls rights trampled on!"

(H/T: Twitchy)

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