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Former Brotherhood Member Speaks Out: Egypt Will Be 'Seed' of Islamic Caliphate That Will Eventually Encompass 'World in Its Entirety
(Photo: MEMRI)

Former Brotherhood Member Speaks Out: Egypt Will Be 'Seed' of Islamic Caliphate That Will Eventually Encompass 'World in Its Entirety

"They speak of a comprehensive, religious, Islamic state"

A few months after the Muslim Brotherhood emerged from the shadows of Mubarak's rule and rose to the highest positions within Egypt's government, the United States remains largely divided on the true intentions of the Islamist organization.

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Are they reformed and "largely secular" like the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper once said, or are they trying to "[destroy] Western civilization" as many of their documents and speeches explicitly state?

In the latest of many clips showing Muslim Brotherhood leaders openly explaining their plans, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has video of a former Muslim Brotherhood member explaining how the Islamist organization sees Egypt and the rest of the world-- and it's pretty hard to consider it "largely secular."

Here is part of the transcript, via MEMRI:

Interviewer: You indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood are hijacking the country, not merely the top political posts. Is the Muslim Brotherhood indeed about to hijack the country?

Saadudin Ibrahim: ...Their plan is to turn Egypt into an Islamic emirate, which would be the seed of an Islamic caliphate, which would first encompass the Muslim world, and later the world in its entirety.

Of course, in 2012, this sounds like sheer fantasy, but all the major enterprises in history began as an idea. Some of ideas died while still in the cradle, while others developed.

Therefore, we should not underestimate this idea, which is harbored by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt.

[Emphasis added]

Watch the entire clip, below:

When asked which group is the most dangerous -- Salafis (fundamentalists), jihadists, or the Muslim Brotherhood -- Ibrahim responded:

"The Salafis, with their simplistic and naïve ideology, speak their minds. Therefore, we know what they are up to and how to contain it, if it's dangerous.

"The Brotherhood, on the other hand, is an organization about whose leadership we know very little. We know that there is the General Guide Office, and that they conduct secretive meetings, from which no protocols are issued for public review.Such a political party does not exist in democratic countries. A politburo may have existed in Communist or totalitarian countries, in the Communist or Nazi parties..."

According to Ibrahim, the "concept of a nation" is "absent from the Muslim Brotherhood's plans."

"They speak of a comprehensive, religious, Islamic state."


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