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Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr: We Need a 'Socialist Choice' Since That's What 'Saved' Us in the Past (Plus: Romney Is a 'Thief')


"[I]tis the thing that saved the country the last time Wall Street f***ed us."

Former "Domestic Goddess" Roseanne Barr was on Howard Stern's satellite radio show Tuesday to promote her upcoming Comedy Central Roast and discuss her run for the White House. As many comics have remarked, it is difficult to envision Roseanne running for anything -- and yet, she is an official candidate and her name (along with running mate Cindy Sheehan) will appear on ballots in many states.

As is typical with a Howard Stern interview, the conversation drifted from the hyping of the Comedy Central Roast to other topics like Roseanne's curious campaign for the White House.

In case you were not aware of it, Roseanne is running on the Peace & Freedom party ticket. The party, is also known as "California's Feminist Socialist Political Party." That's important, as you'll see.

Ms. Barr's chances of winning the White House are electorally impossible because the party is only on the ballot in 14 states, but that did not stop her from spouting her political beliefs during the Stern interview.

In this first clip below, Mr. Stern initially explored Roseanne's candidacy. Ms. Barr announced her belief that:

"People should have a Socialist choice... at least in the conversation... it should at least be included in the conversation since it is the thing that saved the country the last time Wall Street f**ked us."

Strong content warning for language is in order for this clip:

Following the initial exploration of Roseanne's politics and plans for the country, the interview drifted back and forth between a discussion of Roseanne's TV special, the appearance of her ex-husband Tom Arnold at the roast, and even her sex life. But a few minutes before he wrapped up the interview, Stern circled back to presidential politics -- specifically asking the candidate / comedian about Mitt Romney's tax returns. Roseanne Barr accused Romney of "stealing federal money" and went on to say:

"I think the guy's the biggest frigging thief that ever lived."

Roseanne's rant went on to claim:

  • If Romney gave back "every dime he stole from the American people, we'd have no problem in this country, everybody'd be living great."

  • Romney supporter Paul Singer "makes money off cholera, giving cholera to kids in the third world..."

When Stern pressed on her cholera comments, Barr changed her statement to claim that "...the funds that were going to aid people that have cholera, disappeared." For the record (and for Roseanne to consider), Paul Singer is also the billionaire, hedge fund manager who very recently announced the formation of a pro-gay marriage, Republican super PAC.

The last portion of the interview follows.

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