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Here Are the 13 Funniest Photoshopped Pictures of Gymnast McKayla Maroney Being 'Not Impressed


Bonus: Why is she dancing with Jenna Bush? --

One of the feel-good stories of the Olympics has been the "Fab Five," aka the U.S. women's gymnastics team. And one of the stars of that team is vaulter McKayla Maroney. However, even though the young ladies won gold as a team, Maroney placed a disappointing second in the individual vault event. Why do we say "disappointing"? Well, because during the medal ceremony, Maroney was caught giving quite a face:

And now, that face has been turned into a viral internet meme called "McKayla Is Not Impressed," which features the infamous pose Photoshopped into normally impressive events.

HuffPo gives a little more background:

The photo was so fabulous that 28-year-old New Yorker Gavin Aloen decided it would make a hilarious meme. On August 7th, the "McKayla Is Not Impressed" Tumblr was born -- and we are so happy that it exists.

So in that spirit, we decided to post 13 of our favorite "McKayla Is Not Impressed" shots:

See so many more here. And even create your own.


Daily Rushbo sent along his video version:

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