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Allen West to Glenn Beck: I Would Accept a Defense Dept. Position if Offered One


Since Saturday the media has been abuzz with commentary, criticism, speculation and in some cases, praise, over Mitt Romney's choice of running mate -- seasoned Congressman of nearly 14 years, Paul Ryan. During Monday morning's radio broadcast, Glenn Beck welcomed conservative firebrand and freshman Congressman Allen West on the air to share his thoughts on Romney's pick and explain why the move has energized him for 2012.

West, who is currently engaged in a contentious primary campaign of his own, touted Ryan's conservative accolades, noting that the budget architect's limited government principles and fiscal restraint has helped propel him to success in the Tea Party, even if Ryan himself does not claim membership. The Florida congressman also predicted that, if elected, Romney and Ryan will likely assemble a cabinet of highly capable leaders who will fight for national security and conservatism.

When asked if he would consider taking a Defense Department post if one were offered, West didn't hesitate, stating that he would be a willing and helpful resource on national security. He added, "for me, that [DoD position] is the only job worth having in Washington, D.C."

West explained that the privilege of  "taking care of men and women in uniform" would be "a true honor and [one] I would unequivocally say 'yes' to."

Regarding Mitt Romney's foreign policy, West observed that the former Massachusetts governor still "needs to flesh more things out" and would do well to surround himself with policy wonks like John Bolton. Beck and his crew then took a moment to bask in the possibility of an Allen West/John Bolton comprised defense cabinet before coming back down to earth to say that while it would be "a dream come true," the press would be relentless if such appointments were made. In his trademark unapologetic fashion, West simply retorted: "who cares what the media thinks?"

"Americans like winners," he added, citing the nation's 104-Olympic medals as proof that whether it's in sport, geopolitics or the economy, Americans do not like to be "losers" -- something West believes liberal progressives are seeking to turn the country into.

"I think liberal progressives don't like themselves," he quipped.

Watch the interview below as the ever-candid West delivers his observations on Romney's running mate and beyond:

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