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Wolf Blitzer Can't Get Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Fully Accept Facts of Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan in Frustrating Interview


"Explain how if you're 56 , 57, or 83 years old, how his recommendations for those under 55, impact them?"

CNN's Wolf Blitzer sparred with DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Tuesday and tried to get her to clarify statements she has been making about Paul Ryan's plans for Medicare. And he might as well have been trying to squeeze water from a stone.

Wasserman Schultz and most Democrats have been claiming that the Ryan plan would "end Medicare." This tactic is targeting senior citizens. However, as Romney, Ryan and their surrogates have repeatedly stated, their plans do not change a thing for any citizen who is 55 and older. Despite this fact, Rep. Wasserman Schultz continues to try and paint the Ryan proposal using words like "extreme."

As Blitzer discovered, it took several minutes (over three minutes) of back and forth before the DNC Chair would only semi-concede that the Ryan plan does not change a thing for people 55 and over. But even still, she has big problems with it.

Watch the fireworks:

Mediaite has an even longer (more frustrating) version:

A Hat Tip to the Blaze Blog where Chris Field posted the clip earlier.

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