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The 'Who's Your Daddy' Paternity Testing Truck Is Now Driving Through NYC: 'A Lot of Drama


"you just want to know."

A mobile DNA testing truck going by the name "Who's Your Daddy" has been spotted in New York City. Where it goes, drama follows says the truck's owner.

CBS New York reports owner and operator Jared Rosenthal saying "we deal with a lot of drama -- it's constant drama."

The New York Post reports that the truck has had its comparisons to the daytime television show hosted by Maury Povich on which many paternity revelations take place. Rosenthal told the Post "we try to be anti-Maury. They just do that stuff so they can prey on the fighting."

The Post has more on how the truck sees situations that are "heartbreak hotel" and others that have happier endings:

He told of a man so certain his 5-year-old boy was really his that he had the child’s face tattooed on his chest. But then he had to take a DNA test while going through a divorce and learned to his horror he was not the father.

“For two or three weeks after, he’d call me asking, ‘What should I do? I don’t want to tell anyone. I can’t tell my family,’ ” Rosenthal recalled.

But some other stories have happy endings.

In one of them, a 44-year-old Harlem man found his long-lost daughter after the 20-year-old woman from Ohio contacted him on Facebook.

“I’ve been looking for you for all these years,’’ she told him. “You’re my father.”

CBS asked an unidentified man why he was being tested for paternity and he said although he would continue to pay child support, "you just want to know."

CBS calls the presence of the truck "a sign of the times." One onlooker said Rosenthal would "always have customers -- unfortunately." Watch the report on the RV:

CBS also reports Rosenthal saying his credentials and business are legitimate and legal. The paternity RV is operated for Health Street, an organization providing various testing services, including DNA, drug and alcohol, to individuals and companies around the country.

The cheek swab tests costs $350 with results coming back within a couple days.

(H/T: CBS Local)

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