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Scott Rasmussen Joins 'Real News' to Discuss the Youth Vote and Paul Ryan


A poll by Rasmussen Reports released this week found that 50 percent of likely U.S. voters have a favorable opinion of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan since being named as the running mate with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Before being named Romney's presidential pick, only 39 percent viewed Ryan favorably. The latest poll finds 32 percent view Ryan unfavorably, as oppose to 25 percent in earlier surveys. According to Rasmussen Reports, 43 percent of voters think Romney made the right choice when he chose Ryan to be his running mate. Twenty-two percent disagree and think it was a bad choice while 35 percent are not sure. The report notes that as is generally the case with running mates, Ryan gives only a slight boost to Romney.

To review Americans' initial reaction to the Paul Ryan choice by Romney, as well as President Obama's possible loss of dominance over the youth vote, "Real News From The Blaze" Thursday was joined by Scott Rasmussen. Watch a clip below:

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