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Md. School Buses to Snap Photos of Vehicles That Don't Stop


“We’ve had close calls ..."

When school buses stop, put out their retractable stop sign and flash red, blinking lights, it's the law for drivers in vehicles both behind the bus and on the other side of the road to stop as well. If they don't, buses in a Maryland county will soon tattle on them with photographic evidence.

WJZ (via CBS Local) reports the buses rolling through Frederick County this school year are the first in the state's CrossSafe program, which hopes 40 buses will have the cameras by the end of the year. The onus for the cameras stemmed from a 2007 statewide study that found 7,000 cars passed the stopped buses illegally in one day.

“We’ve had close calls and even had children struck in Frederick County,” Frederick County Public Schools Acting Director of Transportation Mac Mclean said according to CBS Local.

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Those caught violating the required stop by the cameras will face a $125 fine. Photo evidence will be reviewed by officers before fines are issued.

With red light and speed cameras being cited as sources of revenue in some cities -- with criticism following -- Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said in the report the county doesn't expect revenue until after 4,000 violations have been made. The report states this could take up to 10 years. If revenue is generated, Jenkins said it would be used to fund crossing guard positions.

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