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Can You Spot What's Wrong With This Picture of Obama?


Washington Post incorrectly debunks as "Photoshopped" --

Consider this your fun little game of the day. Can you spot what's wrong with this picture?

Stumped? Let me give you a hint: the picture was taken in Ohio.

Still not sure? Romney campaign man Christopher Maloney has the big reveal:

The Hill has more:

Although Obama and several students at a campaign stop Tuesday morning at Sloopy’s Diner on the campus of OSU tweeted out photos of the president correctly posing as the “I” in Ohio, another student supplied a photo of a spelling mishap to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

The photo, tweeted by Romney’s Ohio communications director, Christopher Maloney, shows Obama and three students all a little confused about how to spell the state’s name, with Obama holding his hands up in what seems to be an “H” and as the third letter.

A report by the Washington post suggested the photo was doctored. But Maloney stands by its authenticity, saying he got it directly from a student who was snapping pictures. And the Post's theory was later debunked.

Eventually the president and the students got it right, as evidenced by the picture tweeted from the President's official account:

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