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Real News' War Room: Grim Milestone for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan


While the majority of media has been preoccupied elsewhere this week, the number of American servicemen killed in Afghanistan has surpassed 2,000. Even more troubling than this is the reports that more than half of the deaths in Afghanistan have come in the last 27th months, meaning that the conflict has actually been escalating. In what was once called "the war of necessity" by President Obama, there seems to be a lot of attention being paid to the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, the original reason the U.S. invaded in the first place, but very little attention is being given to an increasingly difficult situation on the ground in Afghanistan. Afghan militants fired rockets at a plane used by the top U.S. military officer on Tuesday, and the more than 80,000 American troops still fighting in Afghanistan are dying at a rate of one a day.

If we include the conflicts in Syria and the escalation of the Iran-Israel tensions, is all of the attention still given to the bin Laden capture a way to divert from what has been something of a negligent "Lead from Behind" foreign policy? Watch a clip from "Real News" Wednesday that looks to answer this question, while joined by guest Richard Miniter, author of "Leading From Behind."


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