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The Blaze Magazine, September 2012: Contents


The Blaze Magazine--September 2012: Contents


*Voter fraud threatens the rights of every citizen, yet the government and media blaze those who dare to fight to protect our electoral system. What can Americans do? Stand up.


*September 11: Eleven years after the attacks, the 9/11 Museum is still closed

*Global warming 'education': Will your kindergartner be required to know all about man-made climate change?

*Exclusive one-on-one with Michelle Malkin: A Reagan-like happy warrior in every way

*Panic and outrage: Left-win reaction to the Paul Ryan VP pick

*Who came out in Tinseltown as an Ayn Rand fan?


  • Threatening Your Vote

    The integrity of our electoral system and the voices of millions of Americans are at stake when governments, political parties, media and activists won’t crack down on fraud, abuse and outright cheating at the polls—and berate those who dare to stand up. A new movement of concerned voters, epitomized by the grassroots organization True the Vote, is taking the fight to the corrupt by appealing to ordinary citizens’ common sense.


  • Required Learning: Climate Change

    Education experts are debating new standards for science instruction in public schools—standards that would include teaching all students about man-made global warming.

  • History Lessons on Hold

    Eleven years after the Sept. 11 attacks, we’re still waiting for the 9/11 Museum to open.


  • Keeping an Eye on 'Those Guys': Jeffrey Ross, Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi, Touré and more


  • How Talk Radio Changed Everything
  • Greenland's 'Freak' Ice Melt Actually an Expected Event
  • Obama App Has Even Democrats Concerned About Privacy
  • Federal Ethanol Requirements Making the Drought Even Worse
  • One of Us: Conservatives Pretty Stoked About Paul Ryan Pick
  • Scientists Call out Fracking Opponents Over Unsubstantiated Concerns
  • More Green Boondoggles That Resulted in Bankruptcy
  • Michelle Appealing the 'Knuckleheads'
  • Border Patrol Tests Avatar Officer at Nogales Crossing
  • The Federal Conservation Office Has How Many Cars?
  • 200K Condoms From the Gov't to D.C. Kids


  • Another Reason for the Right to LIke Ryan
  • Tinseltown's Rand Fan
  • The Mouse vs. Corporate Taxes
  • Harry Belafonte Pretty Sure Mitt Romney Would Destroy the World
  • Well, That Explains the Lack of a Cape
  • Social Scene at Gitmo--Out: Harry Potter; In: Fresh Prince
  • Anti-Obama Documentary Beats Its Own Producers' Expectations
  • Whatever It Takes So Obama Can Do What He Wants


  • Michelle Malkin: Reagan-like Happy Warrior


  • One Promise Obama's Keeping: Bankrupting Coal
  • Weakest Recovery Ever Continues to Get Weaker
  • Entitlements and Interest Eating up the Budget

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  • Top 15 Panicked Left-wing Reactions to the Paul Ryan Pick

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