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FAIL: Donald Trump expands his professional horizons via Twitter


We all know he's a successful businessman.

Some of us (not I) think he's a decent politician.

Fox News (not I) seems to think he makes a great television pundit.

So what's next for Donald Trump?

If you guessed doling out questionable, unsolicited medical advice via Twitter, you're right.

Today, Trump tweeted random warnings about childhood vaccinations -- the apparent result of his extensive study at the Jenny McCarthy School of Medicine:

Now, I'm obviously not a medical expert. But neither is trump... at least I don't think he is. Maybe he's hiding his PhD under that majestic hair of his. But the Twittersphere didn't respond in kind, most notably ABC News' Jake Tapper who cautioned his own followers not to heed Trump's warning:

Tapper followed that up with this link to a study from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which found no link between vaccines and autism. In addition, he quoted ABC's resident medical expert -- Dr. Richard Besser -- who says, “Spreading shots over long prd of time leads to kids being vulnerable for longer period of time -- it kills children.”

The Donald really should stick to what he knows.

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