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Prominent Egyptian Cleric: 'The Day Will Come When We Will Be the Masters of the World


"The first choice of the Muslims is peace. If not through peace, there is nothing preventing war. We welcome war."

(Photo: MEMRI)

Blaze readers may be familiar with the Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi, who said at a campaign rally for Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi that Jerusalem will be the "capital of the caliphate."

Now, the Middle East Media Research Institute has translated an interview with the prominent imam, where he reiterated the Muslim Brotherhood's desire to be "the masters of the world."

Perhaps more interesting than that, however-- the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to expand its power has been well-established by those who follow such matters-- is how Higazi appears to percieve peace and aggression.

MEMRI does not give the name of the interviewer, but the man held Higazi's feet to the fire at every turn.

Watch the entire interview, via MEMRI, below:

The clip begins with Higazi insisting that he seeks peace, despite his insistence that Israel will be the capital of the "United States of the Arabs."

"[But] how can you get 'what is rightfully yours' from a country like Israel without war?" the interviewer logically asks.

Higazi replies with a smirk: "I did not say that I would take what is mine through peaceful means...I said that this is my first choice. The first choice of the Muslims is peace. If not through peace, there is nothing preventing war. We welcome war..."

The interviewer then asks how someone who claims to be "peace-seeking" can issue a fatwa saying that anyone who sees an Israeli on the street "must kill him."

When Higazi responds that he did offer peace to Israel, the interviewer is clearly skeptical.  After a brief back-and-forth, it emerges that Higazi does not support the Camp David Accords, and sees the beginning of Egypt's "peace" with Israel as the 1973 war-- when Egypt attacked Israel on Yom Kippur.

"It was the 1973 war that brought peace," he explains. "If not for the Egyptian victory in that war, there would be no peace. How come there was no peace before the 1973 war?"

The clip concludes with a dramatic statement on the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"One of the tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they cannot renounce, is the Islamic Caliphate and the ruling of the world. Yes. The day will come when we will be the masters of the world," Higazi concludes.


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