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Horror as Speeding Race Car Clotheslines Pit Crew With an Air Hose Sending Them to the Hospital


"Four members of the team were taken to [the]  hospital..."

If you ever were wondering why pit crew members started wearing helmets, here is exhibit A.

During a practice run at Zandvoort in Germany on Friday, Ralf Schumacher was pulling out of pit road when his spoiler caught an air hose, dragged it, and clotheslined members of another pit crew. The video is surreal, as it shows the crew members hitting the ground from an almost ghost-like force.

You can watch it unfold in real time and slow motion below:

"Four members of the [HWA Mercedes] team were taken to hospital following an initial checkover at the medical centre," Mercedes said in a statement.

"Three have returned to the circuit, but one is still in hospital. The injuries are not major and not life-threatening, but they are still in hospital for further checks."

The member who stayed in the hospital was released on Saturday.


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