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Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Know Why God 'Spared' GOP From Tropical Storm Isaac


"Unfair S**t: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly F**ked Again! Not understanding God’s plan!"

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Editor's Note: This story contains graphic language and may be inappropriate for younger readers.


Displaying the type of tolerance and kindness many on the left are known for, actor Samuel L. Jackson used Twitter as a vehicle to voice his disappointment that God had chosen to "spare" the GOP at the Republican National Convention, but not the city of New Orleans.

On Monday, the actor tweeted: "Unfair Sh*t: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly F**ked Again! Not understanding God’s plan!"


Ironically, while he was wishing harm on a group of people he disagrees with, Republicans, Jackson was unable to even spell the name of the storm correctly. It's tropical storm "Isaac," Mr. Jackson.

Then there was this tweet, where Jackson seemed genuinely surprised that Republicans would take offense to his statements, in which he wishes God wouldn't "spare" them from a tropical storm:


After the backlash, Jackson eventually issued an apology for poking a "Hornets nest." Once again, proper grammar and punctuation eluded Mr. Jackson (should have read "Hornet's nest").


Still, the actor found plenty of support from the left. Here are some of his most vile supporters:






Hysterical, indeed.

But he also suffered the wrath of conservatives and others who found his tweet inappropriate. Many were upset to hear Jackson's harsh proclamation -- and they let him know it.






Front page image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images.

(H/T:: Twitchy)

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