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Check out this 'comically awful' DNC video


What were they thinking?

Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski calls it an "admirable effort" by the Democratic National Convention's planning committee, but "there are so many things wrong with this video."

Agreed. Not even Fernando The Cat appears happy to be appearing in this amazingly lame video:

Another blog site also cringed for Fernando: "The banality of it all is criminal enough, but look at the abuse they inflict on the animal."

If this were a real movie, it is highly doubtful that the American Humane Association would sign off on the treatment of the animal during the making of the movie.

Shame on the DNC.

I cringe for those interns -- not only are they usually expected to work long hours for nothing, but do they really need to make complete fools of themselves in the process?

Congratulations, Democrats.  I think you just won over the coveted "cat lady" vote.

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