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Things you better know from the final day of the GOP convention


A roundup of the little things that may have slipped through the cracks…

1. Sarah Palin on Fox News today commented on the Yahoo! News Washington bureau chief who was fired yesterday. "That Yahoo dude... I had to deal with him four years ago, too," she said. That dude is David Chalian who was recorded on a hot mic Monday at the convention, saying the Romney campaign was "happy to have a party with black people drowning." Palin said she was "glad" he was fired.

2. Many people in the media criticized the Republican convention for pairing Ann Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's speeches back-to-back Tuesday. Romney talked about love. Christie said respect was more important than love. Somewhat of a disconnect. But a longtime TV news producer says the pairing probably helped the GOP.

3. Former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice's speech last night got people talking, saying she may run for president. But today on Bloomberg TV, she said she doesn't miss the "pressures" of being Secretary of State. Imagine the pressures of being president...

4. On CNN today, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan said he's prepping for debate with Vice President Joe Biden. "I'm studying. I'm reading Joe Biden's speeches, reading Joe." (VIDEO)

5. Craig Romney gave a speech tonight and while recounting how his grandparents immigrated from Mexico, he choked up. When Romney finished, MSNBC's Chris Matthews called it "a cute presentation."

After the jump, find out who may have been seen walking around the convention with a Todd Akin sticker on his back...

6. Speaking of Chris..: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush talked a lot about school choice in his convention speech. The discussion panel went nuts afterward. Chris Matthews took Bush's side and was ganged up on by Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz. (VIDEO)

7. Earlier this evening, as news trickled out that Clint Eastwood would be speaking at the convention, James Rosen at Fox News said: "You know what Clint Eastwood appeals to above all things? Rugged individualism."

8. At the convention, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) may have been seen unknowingly walking around with a Rep. Todd Akin sticker on his back.

9. Meanwhile, over at Current TV...

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