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Beck Delivers Powerful, Emotional Response to Romney's Broken Barrier: 'In America...You Can Do Anything


"Americans break barriers better than anyone else -- ever."

Glenn Beck delivered a fascinating and emotional appeal on his radio show Friday morning. With a focus upon Americans' unique ability to break barriers, he began by discussing the nation's positive progression over the past few decades when it comes to race relations and equality. Then, he discussed another potential historical moment that may come this November -- the election of the nation's first Mormon president.

After discussing the country's complicated racial history, Beck brought up Condoleezza Rice and her experience living in the segregated south as a child. While she faced barriers, she was placed in positions of great power as an adult, perfectly encapsulating broken barriers. On election day in 2008, too, Beck said that another historical moment made its way into the history books -- the election of President Barack Obama, the nation's first African American president.

"Look at how far we've come. Everybody just cheers, but take a moment and recognize something else," Beck proclaimed. "Four years ago...millions of fathers sat with their son on their lap on election night...and they said, 'Son, he's black just like we are and he's the president of the United States. You can be president of the United States.'"

Beck said that, even if people had already believed that this was possible, it hadn't yet been done. Obama's election solidified it, making it a historical reality. The radio host praised the moment as evidence that America blows "through barriers."

"We are getting better every, single day," he proclaimed, becoming silent as his emotions overtook him.

Then, Beck went on to describe a similar encounter he had with his son -- one that he hadn't anticipated was coming. During Romney's speech, Beck found himself telling him about the importance of Romney's broken barrier (he's the first Mormon general election candidate in American history). Here's a portion of Beck's emotional description of the special moment:

"[My son] said, 'Is that Mitt Romney, dad?' And he said, 'Yup.'" He didn't say anything for a while. I didn't realize what I was about to feel. I put my hand on his back and I just said to him, 'This is important, son.' He said, 'Why?' And without even thinking, I said, 'He's Mormon, just like us. And in America, even if you're Mormon, you can do anything.'"

Then, Beck went on to tell the audience his feelings about the current political climate and the fact that Romney may, indeed, make history once more:

"I'm not a victim. Neither are Mormons. We're just not victims. I've never been in a position to where I ever thought there were limitations -- I still don't think there were limitations. But, history is being made again. [...]

We're not healed, gang...we're human. But the great thing is, we're Americans on top of it. And Americans break barriers better than anyone else -- ever. And we're about to break another one. Wait until you have that experience with your son. I don't know what barrier is left for you in your life, but wait until you have that moment. America is about to do it again."

Watch Beck's emotional monologue, below:

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