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Pray for Obama': Faith-Based Anti-Obama Billboard Causes 'Firestorm


"Pray for the president. He needs it."

A faith-based anti-Obama billboard in Victoria, Texas, has reportedly caught the attention of the president's Secret Service, according to

The black-and-white billboard says "Pray for Obama" and includes a reference to Psalms 109:8. For those of you unfamiliar with that particular Psalms reference, it reads, "Let his days be few, and let another take his office."

The man behind the billboard, Milton Neitsch Jr., says it was never the intention of his billboard to wish any harm or pain on President Barack Obama.

"Pray for the president. He needs it," said Neitsch, adding that the sign means "exactly what it says. Hope he's gone soon and somebody different takes his place."

However, critics of the billboard disagree with the Texas man and say it’s hateful and must be taken down. One such critic, Reverend Amy Danchik, started a petition to have the sign taken down and eventually got Neitsch to agree to replace it.

"He shared with me a little about some of the threats that have come at his family, which is incredibly inappropriate, and in no way helpful and in no way how we're called to react when we disagree with somebody," said Danchik.

"So I hope that those stop. I hope that people will react with the graciousness that he has reacted with and leave his family alone," Danchik added.

Neitsch noted that he might replace the sign with something along the lines of "Vote for the American," which, when we think about it, will probably irritate his critics even more.

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