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5 key points about Democrats and 'belonging to the government

As Democrats today are frantically backing away from their controversial "we all belong to government" video, there are few items that should be pointed out...

In case you missed it, here's the video:

1. The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee insists it shouldn't be held responsible for the messaging from the host committee of the city of Charlotte which produced the video. Who honestly believes this? This is the president whose remarks completely fall apart when he's without a teleprompter. Everything this administration does is thoroughly scripted and poll-tested. So who believes that the DNC aired the committee's video without watching and approving it first? So why then should they not be held responsible for its message?

2. While the Democratic Party insisted it would not accept any corporate money for its convention, the host committee made no such promise and has helped raise nearly $40 million -- $20 million of which comes directly from Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo and AT&T.  So if the committee that collected the corporate money is given primetime exposure in your committee, how is this different from accepting corporate money?  The only difference between Republicans and Democrats in this regard is that the GOP cuts out the middle man while Democrats try to hind behind it.

3.  The message in the video is exactly 180 degrees from the message of last week's RNC.  While the Democrats this week proudly proclaim that we all belong to the government, the message from Republicans last week -- most notably, Clint Eastwood -- was that the government belongs to us.  One thing both parties seem to agree on? The choice could not be more clear this election.

4.  Despite Democrats denouncing Republicans for taking Barack Obama's "you didn't build that" proclamation "out of context," the message presented in this video seems to support the Republican interpretation and vindicate those pointing out how Obama's governing view is very much government-centered.

5.  We've seen this type of talk before, as Red State's Erick Erickson pointed out today:

This is what the Soviets did in their propaganda. They portrayed the people in service to the state. The collective overrode the individuals. The Democrats are finally embracing their inner marxists. Consistent with this, they’ve ditched God from their platform. Religion is, after all, the opiate of the people and is unnecessary when we are all collectively creatures of the state.
One last thing…
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