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Quick-Thinking Hero Saves Children by Pulling Hummer in Front of Speeding Car


"There was really no one else, I just had to do it"

(Photo: CBC News)

The "environmentally friendly" have targeted Hummers for years.   The gas-guzzling vehicles are too loud, use too much energy, and produce too many emissions-- but they also make pretty effective roadblocks.

At least that's what Darrell Krushelnicki of Alberta, Canada thought last month after seeing a man speeding towards a group of children in a crosswalk.

After he realized there was a strong possibility of disaster, Krushelnicki risked his life by pulling his 2006 Hummer in front of the speeding car, which was estimated to be going roughly 50 mph in a 30 mph zone.

"I could just see...I just had the feeling that something bad was going to happen if something wasn't [done] to stop that vehicle," he explained. "There was really no one else, I just had to do it. I had to do what I did."

Here is a news report of the incident, which also shows how the other vehicle fared:

The Huffington Post has the latest:

Krushelnicki made the front page of the Edmonton Sun this week and already has a fan page on Facebook: "Hummer Hero."

Surprised by the attention his quick thinking has earned him, Krushelnicki told CBC that he doesn’t think he did anything extraordinary. "I don't feel like a hero at all," he said, "I believe anyone would have done that."

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that in recognition of Krushelnicki's actions, his insurance company will not hold him liable, even though he instigated the collision.

Police in Edmonton have since recommended Krushelnicki for an award, CBC reports, with police spokesperson Scott Pattison remarking that if not for the Good Samaritan, "We could have been talking about a very different story today, that involved potentially the serious injury or death of four children."

MSN Now summarizes: "Forget the Batmobile: Apparently, real heroes drive Hummers."



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