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Second Annual 'SlutWalk' Takes Place in San Francisco
(photo credit: PJ Media)

Second Annual 'SlutWalk' Takes Place in San Francisco

"I stand before you as a slut. I hope to become more of a slut. I know that you’re all sluts."

Editor's note: The following story contains explicit language and content that will offend some readers.


In case you were fortunate enough to miss it, the second annual "SlutWalk" kicked off in San Francisco on Saturday as crowds of people marched through the streets demanding their right to... be sluts, apparently.

Anyhow, a Pajamas Media contributor, who goes by the name "Zombie," was on the scene this weekend and provides us with a first-hand account of the slut-filled mayhem in San Francisco:

I covered the first SlutWalk in 2011, but I was hoping, what with the whole Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh controversy, the Todd Akin brouhaha, and many delegates at the Democratic convention wearing “Sluts Vote” pins, that this year’s SlutWalk would be bigger, bolder and better than ever.

Alas, it was not to be. To my (and surely the organizers’) great disappointment, SlutWalk San Francisco 2012 was smaller, calmer and less exciting than the previous year’s event. Perhaps that’s because the original impetus behind SlutWalk — a Toronto police constable telling women at a 2011 crime conference that they could decrease their odds of getting raped if they didn’t dress like sluts — is already receding into the past and no longer feels like a fresh outrage. Or perhaps it’s because anger over the term “slut” has since become mainstreamed, and it no longer feels particularly radical or avant garde to discuss the word anymore? Either way, SlutWalk 2012 was — dare I say it? — a modest affair.

That isn’t to say the protest was devoid of intentional play-obscenity and manufactured outrage; as the picture above shows, there was plenty of that as usual. But the joke was already wearing a bit thin.

I already comprehensively deconstructed the SlutWalk concept in my previous year’s report, and everything I said then remains true. Little, in fact, has changed in the SlutWalk universe, so rather than repeat myself presenting the same analysis of the same cognitive dissonance, I invite you to read the link above for a full investigation into the SlutWalk concept. This time around it’ll be more pictures and fewer words — just as you like it!

Here are some of the sights from "SlutWalk" 2012:

At least one Democratic lawmaker made an appearance and told the crowd that she is proud to be a "slut."

"I stand before you as a slut. I hope to become more of a slut. I know that you’re all sluts," California State Assembly member Sally Lieber said. "I hope you still are and I still I am when I’m 80 years old, when I’m 100 years old, when I’m 120 years old."

Zombie captured her remarks on video:


Surprisingly, the crowds were not as outwardly pro-Obama as one might expect, Zombie explains. However, there was plenty of Republican bashing going on. To read Zombie's full report on "SlutWalk" 2012, and to find out which communist and socialist groups showed up to the rally, click here. In the meantime, here are some more of the best images from the event.

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