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Taliban Releases 'Victorious' 9/11 Message: 'Everyone Considers It Their Right to Kill' Americans

Taliban Releases 'Victorious' 9/11 Message: 'Everyone Considers It Their Right to Kill' Americans

"...we shall continue with our sacred struggle and jihad against the invaders."

On the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the face of militant Islam has spoken and its words are as chilling as ever. Following a recent hacking of the Taliban's websites, the radical Islamic group began using social media to spread its propaganda. In a statement dated September 9, 2012, the Taliban addressed America as it mourned the loss of its countrymen. Using "TwitLonger," a new social media service that allows tweets longer than the typical 140 characters allowed by Twitter, the militants mocked the U.S., claimed victory in Afghanistan and declared their country an "Islamic Emirate."

Below is a full transcription, courtesy of MEMRI:

"It has now been eleven years since oppression was unleashed upon the miserable Afghan people and fire lit in our homeland at the hands of America under the disguise of retaliation for the September incident. The anniversary of 9/11 is approaching America this year at a time when it is facing utter defeat in Afghanistan militarily, politically, economically and in all other facets and it has exhausted all other means through which to prolong its illegal war.

"The war declared on Muslims and Islam by America eleven years ago under this pretext has with the divine help of Allah (SWT) lost all its power and the criminal warmongers are fleeing the battle ground one after the other. Although the blood of hundreds of Afghans was shed by this illegal and unjust crusade, however the invading Americans and its deluded-by-propaganda coalition was also handed unequivocal defeat and thousands of their troops were killed.

"The oppressed but valiant Afghan nation, in defense of their country and religion, proved through their sacred struggle and jihad that the invasion under the pretext of retaliation for the September incident has no legal or ethical bases. Every action that you take in this path only displays your brutality, oppression, savagery and arrogance because the Afghans have had no hand in the 9/11 incident and neither have you been able to provide any legitimate or logical proofs. Your presence in Afghanistan under this illegal pretext is the reason for the unrest in this entire region and is related directly to the insecurity, political and military problems faced by America and her ensnared allies.

"Despite America spending large amounts of military and economic… assets under the title of homeland security and murdering thousands of its soldiers by the hands of Afghans, however no American is safe in any society today; rather they are discriminated against in every country and region and everyone considers it their right to kill them since they have oppressed all and have endangered the security of the entire world for their own advancement

"The Islamic Emirate, on the eleventh anniversary of the September incident, once again calls upon the American officials, its coalition members and its people to halt shedding the blood of the oppressed Afghans under this pretext and to follow the path of sound reasoning instead of tyranny and stupidity.

"Availing this moment, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again clarifies to the entire world including America that we are neither a threat to anyone nor will we let our soil be used to harm anyone. It is our due legal and religious right to defend our homeland and establish in it an Islamic system and we shall continue with our sacred struggle and jihad against the invaders until we attain this right and we sincerely believe in being victorious in achieving this ambition and defeating the enemy."

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