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DNC Delegates Define the Tea Party: 'Backwards, Wack Job People


"The Tea Party is a group of people who hate black people."


Defining the Tea Party can be difficult for those that don't understand it. But that didn't stop DNC delegates from at least trying, and failing, to explain what the Tea Party movement is. asked a number of delegates a simple question: "What is the Tea Party?" Their answers varied greatly, and many of them were wildly inaccurate.

Here are some of their answers:

  • "Backwards, wack job people who really want to pass their morals on to everyone else, who don't want government, who are greedy and don't believe in helping the other person up."
  • "They're uh, what is that, right-wing individuals, that just, uh, what is that, just screwing everything up."
  • "I think they drink a lot of tea and dance around, yell and scream."
  • "Have you seen members of the Tea Party? They're sick."
  • "The Tea Party is a group of people who hate black people and they join them because they share equality in hatred."

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