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Obama 'a little afraid' of Michelle, says Vanity Fair's Michael Lewis


Michael Lewis, author of Vanity Fair's new lengthy profile on Barack Obama, spoke with Bloomberg News recently about what he learned in his time with the president. Some if which is in complete contrast with the public perception of Obama.

"He really likes the feeling that you and I are the same, equal. He doesn't like people flattering him and he doesn't like flattering people," Lewis, who spent six months with Obama, said. "He's not needy. He doesn't need to be sucked up to and it kind of repels him when it happens as it happens often."

Obama is apparently a fan of the elderly (a cynical person might refer to them as "likely voters"). "He likes really old people," Lewis said. "He sort of found a 110-year old woman in one audience, I don't know how he found her, but he's got like a radar and he goes and finds the oldest person in the room and he hugs them."

Lewis said Obama's reputation as an introvert are wrong. "[The charge that] he's cold, that's just bizarre. He's warm, he's a warm character. He spends half his life laughing. He's a very happy, warm person."

Of the Obamas' marriage, Lewis said he senses the president is "a little afraid" of Michelle. "And that's very healthy - and that he needs to be married to someone who's not his biggest fan... someone who's not just celebrating him. This is pure guesswork. It feels like a real marriage. Totally real marriage," Lewis said

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