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Read the Bible Jack A#%': Dr. Pepper Sparks Creationist Outrage Over 'Evolution of Flavor' Facebook Ad


"I believe in evolution, and love how pissed theright-wing fundies are getting about this silly little ad, but I still hate Dr. Pepper."

Companies sometimes get themselves into trouble when they use controversial issues and themes to push their products. Dr. Pepper, the popular soft drink company, is the latest brand to spark outrage after it chose to use evolutionary theory in a new Facebook graphic.

Entitled, "The Evolution of Flavor," the ad, which is red, pink and white in its color, shows an ape, a creature that appears to be transitioning and then a human being. Under the ape's image it says "pre-Pepper." The caption for the middle, transitionary picture reads, "Pepper discovery" and the final image, showing an individual drinking the beverage reads, "Post-Pepper."

The reaction has been fascinating to see unfold. While some have expressed anger over the image, claiming that it showcases the company's support for evolutionary theory, others see it as comical.

The graphic was originally posted on Thursday on Dr. Pepper's Facebook page with a message that reads "Now that's progress." Already, it has more than 23,800 "likes" and over 3,100 comments.

"Evolution ain't real...Read the bible jack a#%," wrote one individual who was displeased with the ad.

"Just lost my support. Will no longer be buying your products," wrote another, with others sharing very similar messages and pledging not to "sponsor" the company and its products any longer.

But not everyone was dissuaded by or discontented with the ad.

Another commenter expressed his delight at the outrage coming from some, writing, "I believe in evolution, and love how pissed theright-wing fundies are getting about this silly little ad, but I still hate Dr. Pepper. Anybody know where Pepsi stands on the issue?"

And others took aim at the Bible, which detractors were holding up as prime evidence against evolutionary theory.

"The bible is a piece of crap work of fiction. Grow up and stop believing in fairy tales," another commenter wrote.

Here's a sampling of some of the messages, as they appear on Dr. Pepper's Facebook page:

So far, the company has not publicly addressed the furious debate it has sparked. Recently, Oreo (made by Kraft) also found itself getting some criticism after the company publicly supported gay pride on its Facebook page.

The subjects of evolution and creationism have been widely-discussed of late, with scientist Bill Nye and the Creation Museum sounding-off against one another through viral videos and media appearances.

(H/T: Huffington Post)



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