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This Is the Creationists' Response to Scientist Bill Nye's Viral Pro-Evolution Video Claiming They Harm Children


"...creationists are committing a form of 'child abuse' when they teach creation to children."

Scientist Bill Nye captured headlines last week after he lambasted creationists and proclaimed that teaching the theory is damaging to both children and society. Now, just days after Nye's controversial Big Think video making these proclamations reached millions, Answers in Genesis (AiG), the Christian ministry behind the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, has responded with a clip of its own.

In an article entitled, "Time is Nye for a Rebuttal," Ken Ham, CEO of AiG, tackled Nye's claims and announced the publication of the counter-video. Of particular note, the Christian ministry leader took offense at the scientist's purported claim that those who teach creationism are, in a sense, "abusing" children.

"A recent tactic by evolutionists in their battle against creationists, one that is especially used by Richard Dawkins, is to employ an ad hominem argument—that creationists are committing a form of 'child abuse' when they teach creation to children," Ham contended.

So, to counter Nye, AiG employed the knowledge of two PhD scientists who embrace creationism -- Dr. David Menton and Dr. Georgia Purdom, both on staff with the Creation Museum. In the anti-Nye clip, Purdom makes the argument that children should be exposed to both creationism and evolution, not one or the other, exclusively.

"[Bill Nye] might be interested to know I also teach my young daughter about evolution and I know many Christian parents who do the same," she said. "Children should be exposed to both ideas concerning our past."

As for Nye's claim that creationism makes the world "fantastically complicated," Menton flatly denied this accusation and took the opportunity to lambaste evolution's theoretical constructs.

"I would argue the world becomes fantastically complicated if one believes in evolution," Menton said. "You see, in evolution you have to look at the hummingbird feeding at your feeder and assume that all of its parts have somehow come together by random, purposeless chance combined with natural selection -- which is nothing more than deferential reproduction."

Watch the intriguing video, below:

With the debate over creationism and evolution continuing to rage, it's not likely to simmer any time in the near future. In June, TheBlaze reported that 46 percent of Americans still embrace creationism, 32 percent believe in evolution guided by God -- and 15 percent contend that God played no role in the evolutionary process.



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