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University of Texas at Austin Evacuated After 'Male With a Middle Eastern Accent' Claimed to Have Placed Bombs All Over Campus


North Dakota State University evacuated too Valparaiso University issues threat warning --

Update I: The University of Texas at Austin said all buildings may be re-entered at 12 p.m. All activities except classes will resume at 5 p.m.; all classes are canceled for the day.

Update II:The Associated Press has reported no bombs were found either at UT Austin or at North Dakota State University by late morning, and it was "not clear whether the threats were related."

Original story below:

The University of Texas at Austin has ordered an immediate evacuation of its entire campus after a man claiming he was with Al-Qaida said he had placed bombs all over campus set to detonate in 90 minutes.

Austin Statesman:

UPDATE, 10 a.m.: UT officials said in a statement:

At 8:35 a.m. the university received a call from a male with a middle eastern accent claiming to have placed bombs all over campus. He said he was with Al Qaeda and these bombs would go off in 90 minutes. President Powers was notified and it was decided to evacuate all of the buildings out of an abundance of caution.

An emergency notice on the UT Austin website states: "Evacuation due to threats on campus. Immediately evacuate ALL buildings and get as far away as possible. More information to come."

UT Austin posted on Twitter at 10:45 a.m.: "Time specified in phone threat has passed but we have not yet cleared all buildings. Decision to resume operations&classes will come shortly."

North Dakota State University in Fargo, N.D. is also currently ordering all of its students and staff off campus due to a bomb threat.

A security alert on NDSU's website states: "NDSU is requiring all employees and students to leave campus by 10:15 a.m. This includes residence hall students, who, if necessary, should walk to locations off campus. This also includes the downtown buildings and agricultural facilities. NDSU received a bomb threat, prompting this evacuation."

Valparaiso University in Indiana has also posted a threat warning, saying "an unspecific threat to campus was made through a graffiti message alluding to dangerous and criminal activity alleged to be carried out during the chapel break period on Friday," which takes place at 11:15 a.m. The Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana reported a campus search did not turn up anything suspicious and all classes remain in session.

This is a breaking news story. Updates will be added.

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