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Tony Perkins Blasts Media Over Shooting At His Office: If a Baptist Shot Up a Gay Org. It Would Still Be On TV 'Four Weeks Later


"It was quickly dropped."


This weekend, TheBlaze caught up with Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins at his organization's annual Value Voters Summit.  There, FRC security guard Leo Johnson was honored for his heroic actions last month when a leftist radical entered the FRC offices in Washington and opened fire, shooting three rounds and hitting Johnson in the arm before being subdued.  The assailant, identified as Virginia resident Floyd Lee Corkins, had been a regular volunteer for the DC Center for the LGBT Community.  The FBI report noted that the shooter carried 50 rounds in his weapon and shouted "I don’t like your politics" before opening fire.

The politically charged incident received tepid media coverage.  When asked about this, Perkins noted that there was a certain media hypocrisy taking place.

"Had this had been a Sunday school teacher at a Baptist church [that walked] into a gay organization and shot one of its members we would still be seeing about it everyday on TV four weeks later.  It was quickly dropped."

Perkins went on to note that the message to American is that "our rights will be taken away and lost unless we stand up and choose to defend them."


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