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MSNBC's Tamron Hall loves to smell Al Sharpton


GQ magazine has a new profile on Al Sharpton. In it, his MSNBC colleague Tamron Hall confesses her love for the smell of Al.

"He's so fashionable, but his scent!" she says. "We should have smell-o-vision so you can smell how great he is ... If every man smelled like Rev, I'd be married!"

The rest of the profile is mostly Sharpton name-dropping celebrities he knows. But there's an interesting bit where Sharpton talks about his relationship with President Obama:

He considers himself an ally to the president. "He gives me access. Just like, I had access with Bush or Clinton." But there's a crucial difference in the relationship. On some level, Bush and Clinton needed to show deference to the black and civil rights leaders, and the relationships with them were always push and pull—the leaders of the black community pressuring the White House to take them more seriously. The expectations for sensitivity to the issues plaguing the black community were much higher with Obama, which is why academics like West and Smiley and members of the Congressional Black Caucus have been so disappointed with the president's response to chronic unemployment and foreclosures. "The reason that we also ended up working out a good, working relationship is that I didn't expect him to do what I did, and I think a lot of them wanted him to emulate them," Sharpton said. "I accepted him the way he was. He was much more moderate than me. As long as you tell me the truth, I'm with you."


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