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Hannity Panel Explodes Over Media Matters Report: 'There Was No Cover-Up!


"First of all, I’m not on trial here, and I’m not being questioned by you."

During a tense and fiery segment on Fox News, Sean Hannity's panel exploded over a recent Daily Caller report that argues the U.S. Department of Justice regularly works with the liberal Media Matters to spin news reports. While Hannity set up the segment to tackle what he perceives as blatant bias in the mainstream media, it quickly turned into a one-on-one shouting match between two panelists.

Hannity began by expressing his opinion that the media is doing a "disservice" to the American people by not being honest in its reporting. The host explained that the media has been pursuing Romney's recent "47 percent" remarks aggressively but giving President Obama a pass when it comes to his failed economic and foreign policy record.

"Do you think the sellout media in this country is doing the American people a service in exposing the truth before a tipping-point election?" Hannity asked Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, referring to the DC's report on Media Matters and the DOJ.

Holder said the Daily Caller issued a Freedom of Information Act request and the White House complied, insinuating there was no cover-up by the DOJ. She was then interrupted by her co-panelist and fellow Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan who clarified Holder's statement.

"When you ask for information, they are supposed to respond in 20 days. It took them 9 months for the Daily Caller to get 70 emails," she said.

It was at this point that the two panelists began to get heated, neither one of them shy about getting in the other's face.

"Did you read the letters," Holder asked McGlowan, referring to specific White House correspondence related to the matter.

"First of all, I’m not on trial here, and I’m not being questioned by you. This is [Hannity's] show number one," McGlowan shot back. "Number two, when you have the highest law enforcement in the land working with  a left wing organization to spin a message, they are supposed to enforce the law."

Hannity was eventually forced to interrupt his feuding guests. He then went back to his initial point that the media has seemingly given Obama a pass for the crisis in the Middle East but slammed Romney for a statement he released shortly after the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Holder told Hannity that he was just "upset" about Romney's now infamous "47 percent" remarks that were supposed to be private. The host countered his guest by bringing up Obama's comments allegedly made in 1998 about being in favor of "redistribution."

For the second time during the show, a visibly frustrated Holder asked what the segment was actually about and got back to the previously mentioned Daily Caller report, sending her and McGlowan into another heated exchange.

"There was no cover up! There was no cover up by the left wing media," Holder shouted.

Watch the entire segment via Fox News/Mediaite here:

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