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'Real News From TheBlaze:' Romney vs. the 47 percent


Last night, with the help of Jimmy Carter’s grandson authenticating a video that was on YouTube for months, Mother Jones released a clip of Mitt Romney speaking at a fundraising event in Boca Raton during which he spoke about the Obama campaign's appeal to the 47 percent of the country that doesn’t pay taxes and is dependent on government assistance. The story instantly become the dominating force of Monday's news-cycle with many declaring gloom and doom for Romney's candidacy.

But could the hysteria surrounding the way Romney described 47 percent of America, remarks that he has since said were "not elegantly stated," come and go as many slip-ups have for both candidates throughout this campaign and for Barack Obama in 2008? Is there some truth to the supposedly controversial remarks that could backfire for Democrats if they put too much emphasis on the story?

Watch a clip from Tuesday's "Real News From TheBlaze" discussion on the Mother Jones story and subsequent reaction:

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