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The Five' Attacks TheBlaze Over Blind Sheikh Story: 'This Report Is B.S.


On Wednesday, some of the co-hosts on the Fox News program "The Five" slammed TheBlaze's exclusive report that suggests the U.S. State Department may be "actively considering" transferring Omar Abdel Rahman, also known as the "Blind Sheikh," into Egyptian custody.

Some on the panel were opposed to even discussing the report, despite the fact that Fox News had been reporting on the controversial story throughout the day on Wednesday.

"This report is B.S. I’m sorry," co-host Greg Gutfeld said. "When you say a source close to the White House, is it a bartender at the Hawk & Dove? I can’t believe we’re doing this story without actually having just a shred of a source. I mean, I know we got it from TheBlaze. TheBlaze is an entertaining site, but come on! Where is this coming from?"

Co-host Eric Bolling cited TheBlaze, and referenced a letter sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder from a number of GOP lawmakers.

"I saw the letter, I read the letter. But the letter said ‘there are reports.’ That’s a passive way -- Where are the reports from?" Gutfeld asked.

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle, remaining somewhat neutral, speculated that there have been rumors in the past about negotiations regarding the transfer of the Blind Sheikh.

"We've heard that before," she said.

"I’m sorry. You can’t pin this on an administration without an actual source. It’s not fair," said Gutfeld.

TheBlaze has repeatedly cited a source close to the Obama administration. The source has asked not to be identified.

Watch the segment via Fox News/Mediaite here:

Mediaite tracked the verbal blows:

“For the record,” Bolling defended, “the administration, they have said –”

“They said it was garbage,” Gutfeld interjected. “Utter garbage.”

Bolling then bemoaned that he was “taking heat” from Gutfeld for wanting to talk about something that is “pretty darn important."

“It is important!” Gutfeld responded. “I would like a source, that’s all I’m saying.”

For more of the transcript, click here.

Predictably, co-host Bob Beckel jumped on TheBlaze-bashing bandwagon.

He said, "The idea that this thing would actually happen is so ludicrous and ridiculous that it does not deserve to have a place here to discuss."

Still defending his position, Bolling asked Beckel, "Do we not get in front of the news cycle sometimes?"

"No, you get in front of the right-wing blogs," Beckel replied in a jab at TheBlaze.

Here's Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Wednesday discussing the story first broken by TheBlaze:

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