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Stunning Vid: Soccer Player Throws 'Grenade' Off Field Seconds Before It Explodes


"...threw it on sidelines just in time..."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Video footage showing players milling around a field during a club soccer match in Isfahan, Iran, captures several objects on the ground. Some of them appear to be trash or plastic bags. One of these objects though turns out to be an explosive.

The footage posted on YouTube shows a player picking up what is being described as a live "grenade" (although it doesn't seem it is a grenade in the traditional sense of the word), seemingly not recognizing what it was, and throwing it casually off the field seconds before it went off.

Watch the scene:

Some of the players ran away from the explosion while another walked near the smoking area and seemed to throw up his hands in frustration.

The footage posted on YouTube by ThePrincessHira states:

During a local club match in Isfahan,Iran some spectators threw a hand grenade on field,a player found it and thought it was some other object and threw it on sidelines just in time,if he had done this a few seconds later his hand would have been blasted.

Business Insider reports that the match between Iran's Sephan FC and Saudi Arabia's al-Ahli SC was part of the quarterfinals for the Asian Championships League. It states that the incident occurred last night.

The motive behind the explosive being on the field is unclear. Ironically, The Metro points out that it "came shortly after the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency expressed concern that Iran had continued to defy directives over uranium enrichment and nuclear weapons development."

Digital Journal makes note of a member on Reddit saying incidents such as these, although perhaps not commonplace, are not unheard of. The user pedroabr writes:

I was watching the match live ... and I'm Iranian .... many years ago fans used this handmade grande to through it near to the field when 2 famous Iranian football club( Esteghlal _ Perspolise) were playing against each other. specially after scoring each goal .... there were tens of these grande used to be explode on those days ... now a days police search every single person for many times before they get in ... but still they manage to bring these handmade grande inside of stadium

The description of the video states that the game was called off after the incident and police are conducting an investigation.

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