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Here Are The 14 Most Absurd Things For Sale On the Obama Website


We just thought you should know--

We just thought you should know what, exactly, you can buy at the Barack Obama campaign website store.


1. Anything having to do with the president's dog


2.  Anything having to do with your dog


3.  The 1% merch




4. This costs $95



5. Any re-makes of the American flag






6. Golf items -- predictable?




7. Anything having to do with Obama's Birth Certificate (they go a little overboard)


8. This--


9.  This shirt is only available in black...


10.  Anything hyper-specific


11. Are the children ready for this?



12.  That is so 4 years ago...

13. Were not exactly sure what this has to do with anything, but its $45


14.  Ok, we actually want one of these





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