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Adam Carolla Is Back and Warning Against Avoiding Hard Work: You'll 'Get Your A** Whopped


"Let's not rely on Vegas. Let's not rely on the lottery. Let's rely on hard work."

Comedian Adam Carolla isn't one to be shy about his political views. Last year, he unleashed on Occupy protesters, dubbing them "self-entitled monsters." The entertainer has also been candid in the past about his views on poverty and hard work. It is these themes that are at the center of a new video course he produced for Prager University.

In the clip entitled, "Adam Carolla on Luck," the comedian makes it clear that hard work is the key to success in life. He tells viewers that everyone is born unlucky. While few people enter the world on the higher echelon of society, with some finding themselves on the lower end of the spectrum, the vast majority (the 99 percent, he contends) are somewhere in the middle.

"That's not luck. That's me," he says of the success he's had in his own life, specifically throughout his career. "I earned that."

Rather than encouraging people to bank on getting a break or having success track them down, Carolla makes it clear that every individual needs to work hard and push him or herself toward achievement.

"Don't count on luck. Rely on hard work," he claims in the video. "Look at life as a prize fight and you've got to get up and do road work every morning."

The comedian cautions against not "training" and preparing oneself for life's challenges. Carolla contends that if one goes into the "ring of life" ill-prepared, he or she will get "a*s whopped."

"Let's not rely on Vegas. Let's not rely on the lottery. Let's rely on hard work," he continues. "Your resume must be twice as good as the guy you're going against."

Watch Carolla's Prager U video, in which he encourages viewers to "get out there and take over the world," below:



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