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Photo of a Baby Doing a 'Keg Stand' at Tailgate Party Draws Outrage: 'They Should Be Jailed


"Just a funny photo opp.  Everyone needs to stop being so serious!"

(Photo via ABC15)

A picture of a baby doing what appears to be a keg stand-- an act typically performed in college when two friends hold a person upside down while they guzzle excessive quantities of beer-- has caused outrage with one woman even saying the perpetrators should be "jailed."

Posted on, most are at least are agreeing that the picture is in poor taste or "just wrong."

Fox10 News has more:

[It's] not clear if the child was actually drinking beer, but you can clearly see the nozzle in his mouth. Onlookers snapped photos as an adult held the child up for a "keg stand," where a person is held upside down and drinks as much beer as he can.

According to, an ASU student, who was appalled, sent the picture in.

"I just don't see the joke in it at all," says website creator Nik Richie. "People are really looking at this saying, even if it was a joke it is just poor taste and it is terrible parenting."

Richie says the photo was taken while tailgating outside the stadium before Saturday's game.

"If you are an ASU alumni, I know this is a party school and people look at ASU like this is what you do. It is fun and games. It is not."

If this was intended to be joke, not many people are laughing now. ASU Police are investigating. [Emphasis added]

ABC15 asked a number of individuals to weigh in:

However there are also those who are taking the photo with a grain of salt-- and a bit more humor.

Disagreeing with the woman who said "they should be jailed," one commenter wrote on "I doubt they actually gave the kid beer...Just a funny photo opp.  Everyone needs to stop being so serious!"

Another agreed, adding: "I doubt everyone around would be laughing if it was actually happening...Come on, people."

What do you think?  Is the "baby keg stand" photo an innocent joke, or over the line either way?



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