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Poll dancing -- 09.26.12


Low approval for the management of the Romney campaign [ABC-WaPo, 9/26]: "Sixty-one percent ... hold an unfavorable view of how Romney’s handling his presidential campaign." For President Obama's campaign, 54 percent approve of the way it's being handled.

Most doubt the full repeal of Obamacare [AP-GfK, 9/26]: "More than 7 in 10 say the law will fully go into effect with some changes, ranging from minor to major alterations. ... Only 12 percent expect the Affordable Care Act ... to be repealed completely."

Obama's lead grows in swing states Ohio, Florida [NYT-CBS-Quinnipiac, 9/26]: "In Ohio ... Mr. Obama is leading Mr. Romney 53 percent to 43 percent in the poll. In Florida, the president leads Mr. Romney 53 to 44 percent in the poll."

Most small-business owners wouldn't take the risk today [POS, 9/25]: Of 800 small-business owners surveyed, 55 percent say they wouldn't have started that business in today's economic conditions.

Least amount of trust goes to Congress [Gallup, 9/26]: Trust in the judicial branch of the federal government is highest among Americans at 67 percent. Congress is least trusted at 34 percent. The presidency is in the middle at 56 percent.

The horse race [RCP average, 9/26]: An average of national polls shows Obama leading Romney 48.9 to 44.9 percent.

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