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Real News From TheBlaze': Polling Problems for Romney?


Several new polls out Wednesday show President Obama opening up a lead over Mitt Romney in several key swing states--including jaw-dropping results that show Obama with leads in Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio floating around ten points. The Romney campaign and Republicans have immediately responded that these polls are inaccurate or skewed because of sample sizes that base 2012 turnout projections on the historically significant 2008 elections. Democrats have countered, arguing that there is no reason not to expect historic voter turnout for Hispanics, Blacks and young voters again.

The conventional wisdom from the media and even the campaigns throughout this race has been that it will be a close fight till the end, but do these projections now put that notion on it's heels?

On "Real News From The Blaze" Wednesday the panel discussed how to take these new, shocking polls.Watch a clip below with guest Emily Ekins, director of polling for the Reason Foundation:

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