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Screaming Apparent Obama Supporter Explains Why We Need to Re-Elect President: 'He Gave Us a Phone, He Gonna Do More!


"Keep Obama in president, you know."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Yesterday, both President Obama and Mitt Romney were in the swing state of Ohio campaigning. At one Romney event near Cleveland, a group of Obama supporters gathered to voice their dislike for Romney.

One apparent Obama supporter was caught on video seemingly giving a very clear explanation of why she is voting for the president and why she does not like Mitt Romney.

The passionate explanation for the former involves Obama giving free phones:

In case you did not hear that clearly, we will transcribe it as best we can.

"Everybody in Cleveland, low minorities, got Obama phone. Keep Obama in president, you know. He gave us a phone, he gonna do more."

The person shooting the video asks, How did he give you a phone? To which the woman replies: "You sign up! If you on food stamps, you on social security, you got low income, you disability..."

The video includes a cut at that point and picks up with the filmer asking "What's wrong with Romney?" Without blinking, the passionate Obama supporter says:

"Romney, he sucks! Bad."

If this kind of thinking sounds familiar, we have heard similar comments from Obama supporters as far back as 2009.

TheBlaze has also reached out to the person who posted the video, requesting the entire, unedited clip.

For the record, government sponsored cell phones started long before President Obama took office. However, the size of the program (and its cost) have grown considerably since 2008.

This story has been updated.

(H/T: Matt Patrick - KTRH Radio in Houston)


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