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$10K in Wedding Presents Stolen After Couple Leaves Gifts Outside Overnight


"Every last card was gone, the boxes, the gift bags."

Pennsylvania couple Amy and Jason Wright said they woke up the morning after their wedding reception to find their $10,000 worth of presents stolen. (Image source: Morning Call)

What was a dream wedding quickly became a nightmare for a Pennsylvania couple when they said they awoke the next morning to find all their presents had been stolen.

Amy and Jason Wright had a reception on a friend's farm last weekend complete with a horse and carriage. When they started to clean up the next morning, they noticed their gifts had vanished.

"Somebody had come and taken all of the wedding gifts," Amy Wright told WFMZ-TV. "Every last card was gone, the boxes, the gift bags."

The gifts had been set up under an outdoor tent and then left out unattended after the party broke up and everyone went to bed.

"We noticed there were no gifts on the table [in one tent], and we said, well, somebody must have moved them into the house," Wright told the Allentown Morning Call. "We checked with our friends, and no one seemed to know what happened to the gifts."

She and her host got into a golf cart to scour the 25-acre farm and soon came upon torn-up gift bags and empty card envelopes. In order to make a police report, they first had to know what was stolen.

"We had to call every one of our guests to ask them, for the police report, what did they give?" Wright told the newspaper. "It was embarrassing. Everyone had to call their banks and cancel checks or cancel gift cards."

In all, the total came to about $10,000 in cash and presents. The couple has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible.

"It's such a nightmare," Wright said. "This is so emotional for everybody. Who would do this?"

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