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Stereotypically racist lib site criticizes conservatives for being stereotypically racist
Obama mimics calling on a phone during a town hall event at Lower Hannah's Bend Park in Cannon Falls, Minn. (AP)

Stereotypically racist lib site criticizes conservatives for being stereotypically racist

The ability of liberals to sniff out "racism" never ceases to amaze me. The latest "dog whistle" for so-called conservative racists these days is the Obamaphone lady.

Now, you might know her as the enthusiastic Obama supporter whose sense of entitlement knows no bounds short of a free phone from the federal government. But according to the Daily Kos, conservatives only see her as a "black woman" who "embodies all that is wrong with America, and a black president who is enabling a parasitic class of black and brown folks who live only to mooch off of 'hard working' white people."

Wow.  That's quite the (racist) assumption for a liberal to make about what a supposedly racist conservative is thinking.  The sickening article continues:

For that public, and within the Right-wing Tea Party GOP conservative imagination more broadly, this woman is an alien Other, she is the undeserving poor, and an ideal-typical example of how blacks are anti-citizens who subvert American democracy. If America is supposedly a meritocracy where hard work is rewarded, the Obama Phone woman is the antithesis of these values.

That she is black, female, and poor represents a combination of attributes which are uniquely despised by white conservatives because of their addiction to symbolic racism, and a deep investment in the white racial frame. In the United States, poor black woman are counted as a group of people towards which public despise, shaming, and disgust is not just approved; rather, such disdain in the public sphere is encouraged as both a mark of middle class belonging and moral uprightness.

Ok, you caught me, DKos.  I do view Obamaphone lady as "undeserving," but not because she's female or black or poor.  I'd view anyone as "undeserving" of a cell phone if they did not earn such a luxury.  If believing cell phones are not a product of birth rights makes me a racist, then I guess I'm a racist.  But I'd venture to think most Americans think this way.

Moving on, however, this blogger writes that being black, female and poor are attributes "uniquely despised" by whites -- and yet I'm the racist?  My opinion that this woman doesn't deserve a "free" phone literally has zero to do with her race, sex or income level.  Yet in slapping down conservatives for parading Obamaphone lady around as an example of Obama-style government dependency, the blogger insists that she is less of a threat to our country than "angry white men with guns":

Why has Obama Phone Lady spawned a meme? Why has the Angry White Man with a Gun been greeted with silence? How is a poor black woman with a cell phone looked upon as an existential threat, while an angry white man (and the many others like him) with a gun who believes that the country's first black President is an illegitimate usurper is usually met with only a shrug, or mild curiosity, by many in the mass public?

::sniff, sniff::  RACISM!

Perhaps "Angry White Man with a Gun" has been greeted with silence because he is the embodiment of the constitutionally protected right to bear arms.  Meanwhile, Obamaphone lady has spawned an absurd meme because she is demanding a constitutional right to an entitlement that does not exist.

I am so sick and tired of liberal ideologues assuming that because I'm conservative that I must be a birther, a racist, a hick, you name it.   I don't see Obamaphone lady or Barack Obama as a threat to my race; I see his policies as a threat to my country.  Period.

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